Sunday, 29 April 2007

JTreeMap 1.1.0 released!

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ObjectLab is very pleased to announce the immediate release of JTreeMap 1.1.0, a heatmap/treemap visual library for JDK 5.0. We believe this is the only open source library of this kind under a business friendly license.

Towards the end of 2006, ObjectLab got involved with JTreeMap as part of a financial application. Laurent Dutheil had been developing it but found it more time consuming that anticipated. It is where ObjectLab offered some expertise and the result is the new release 1.1.0. We acknowledge and thank Laurent for his great contribution.

Home page:

The release is available on SF and on 2 Maven repositories (whilst we’re going through the process of adding it in the official repository). The ObjectLab Open Source repositories are:


The question of how to represent and visualize a lot of information at a glance is a hot topic in IT. A Treemap, also known as Heatmap, is an important tool for this. A TreeMap graphically represents a hierarchical structure.

Typically, the hierarchy will involve a tree of nodes of different sizes and different colours. The size and colours are determined by parameters such as the relative importance of a node in comparison to the full size. A well known examples is the Map of the Market on but their library is not open source (and very pricey!).

JTreeMap comes in 2 flavours: JTreeMap for Swing and KTreeMap for SWT.


Benoit & the rest of the ObjectLab Team.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Coming QALab: Emma, XML FindBugs, new XML, new Chart & more!

I thought that it may be interesting to do something that Microsoft has been doing for years, like announcing a coming release of something... The difference is that, this is not vapo(u)rware, it will turn up!

So, what are the items we're working on?

  • Emma support is coming, thanks to the contribution of Robert Crawford.

  • Support for the XML output from Findbugs (rather than the xdoc one), some people had to run findbugs twice due to this limitation.

  • A new Spider Chart will show 3 snapshots of multi-dimensional data at 0, 30 and 90 days. You'll be able to see what is happening at a glance!

  • Automatic migration of the QALab XML to a new format that will also add the notion of "project" and "module" making it more hierarchical... one step closer to aggregation!

  • a bit of code re-org to keep the house tidy!

  • Some experimental work with storing QALab stats in a DB

So... when will it be available? Like cooking, it will be ready when it's ready... but for the impatient type, all these features are in Subversion!

Finally, we're willing to add more tools and are welcoming contributions, especially for Clover! Should not be difficult... Our main problem is that there are only 24 hours in a day!

Until next time,


Monday, 9 April 2007

StatSVN Demos are updated

StatSVN is pleased to announce an update of the demo site.

StatSVN demo is designed to show StatSVN capabilities for some well-known open source projects. Some of those are rather large and required some serious initial computing power (first run is rather big if the project has a lot of history).

At the moment, we have selected:

  1. Subversion itself!

  2. Spring Rich Client (java rich client library from Spring)

  3. Hibernate 3 (java persistence)

  4. Joda Time (cool java time library)

  5. Log4J (Apache logging library for Java)

  6. Ruby (yes, the language, in C!)

  7. Groovy

  8. Grails

  9. Felix (Apache OSGi implementation)

  10. Ant (Apache Ant, had more than 500,000 revisions)

  11. Mule (The World's most widely used open source ESB)

  12. Synapse (Apache Synapse, Synapse is a mediation framework for Web Services. Synapse allows messages flowing through, into, or out of an organization to be mediated.)

  13. QPid (Apache QPid, implementation of AMQP, Advanced Messaged Queuing Protocol)

  14. QALab A great tool for keeping track of QA statistics over time.

  15. PZFileReader Parsing of delimited strings or fixed-length strings.

  16. ObjectLab Kit Date Calculators for Business and Finance.

  17. JTreeMap Heat Map library.

  18. AntLibs DotNet.

  19. AntLibs HTTP.

  20. AntLibs Manual for Eclipse.

  21. AntLibs Subversion.

  22. AntLibs Ant Unit.

  23. XStream XStream is a simple library to serialize objects to XML and back again.

  24. JBoss AS No less! Do not try this at home, the first batch of statistics required 102,000 calls to the server... now it is fast!

  25. JRuby JRuby is an 100% pure-Java implementation of the Ruby programming language!

  26. ServiceMix The Apache ServiceMix project is an ESB and component suite based on the Java Business Interface (JBI) standard - JSR 208

  27. Commons-Lang The Apache Commons Lang.

  28. JDK7 The java JDK version 7! Checkout the very latest changes!

  29. TestNG TestNG, the new testing framework!

  30. Maven 1 The Apache Maven 1!

  31. Maven 2 The Apache Maven 2!

  32. Maven 2 Plugins The Apache Maven 2 Plugins!

  33. Continuum The Apache Continuum project!

  34. Pebble a Blog software!

If you would like us to add an open source project, please raise an issue on SF and provide us with the following information:

  1. Project Name

  2. Project Home page

  3. A one paragraph of html describing the project

  4. URL to anonymous Subversion server for the trunk

  5. List of tags, versions that should be identified.

  6. A list of developers, loginId-RealName, URL to homepage, URL to photo and email (all optional)

We cannot guarantee inclusion but you never know...

StatSVN Team.

PS: Support us by checking the Ads on the demo site. Thanks.

Friday, 6 April 2007

First post... why a combined blog?

Welcome to the ObjectLab Open Source News.

Our company, ObjectLab Financial Ltd is quite involved in some open source projects. We believe that, as a whole, this family of open source projects can help you.

So what are they?

  • QALab, our first project. It keeps track of QA statistics over time based on Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs, Cobertura, Simian and more to come!

  • ObjectLab Kit, a series of Date calculators for business and finance. It is Apache 2.0 so feel free!

  • JTreeMap, the only open source Apache 2.0 HeatMap solution for java!

  • StatSVN, a cool way to discover who has done what and when in your Subversion repository (sorry we cannot help on the 'why' they did it!)

  • PZFileReader, a parser for delimited or fixed-length text. It is not as easy as it sounds... very flexible.

  • StatCVS, same as StatSVN but for CVS (we just contributed a bit...)

So, why a combined blog? So you can keep track of the news for all our projects in one place!

All news releases will announced here!


Benoit & the rest of the team.