Sunday, 29 April 2007

JTreeMap 1.1.0 released!

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ObjectLab is very pleased to announce the immediate release of JTreeMap 1.1.0, a heatmap/treemap visual library for JDK 5.0. We believe this is the only open source library of this kind under a business friendly license.

Towards the end of 2006, ObjectLab got involved with JTreeMap as part of a financial application. Laurent Dutheil had been developing it but found it more time consuming that anticipated. It is where ObjectLab offered some expertise and the result is the new release 1.1.0. We acknowledge and thank Laurent for his great contribution.

Home page:

The release is available on SF and on 2 Maven repositories (whilst we’re going through the process of adding it in the official repository). The ObjectLab Open Source repositories are:


The question of how to represent and visualize a lot of information at a glance is a hot topic in IT. A Treemap, also known as Heatmap, is an important tool for this. A TreeMap graphically represents a hierarchical structure.

Typically, the hierarchy will involve a tree of nodes of different sizes and different colours. The size and colours are determined by parameters such as the relative importance of a node in comparison to the full size. A well known examples is the Map of the Market on but their library is not open source (and very pricey!).

JTreeMap comes in 2 flavours: JTreeMap for Swing and KTreeMap for SWT.


Benoit & the rest of the ObjectLab Team.

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