Sunday, 4 May 2008

StatCVS 0.4.0 released!

Hi All,

Quick post to let you know that StatCVS, the new member of the family (but by all means not a baby given that it has been around since 2002!) has a new release version 0.4.0.

The release is available on

The changes are described here:

Thanks to everyone who participated by sending patches, suggestions and checking the beta!



Wednesday, 2 April 2008

StatCVS joining the family!

Hi All,

StatCVS will soon join the family of projects. Jason Kealey (of StatSVN fame) and myself have been added as project admin.

Our first goal will be to revitalize the community, go through the patches that have been suggested and consolidate the features between StatSVN and StatCVS.

We've already put a Beta Site together. The jar is also available statcvs.jar.

Amongst the significant changes are:

  1. The RepoMap and LOCChurn reports have been added to StatCVS.
  2. An XML export (-xml) is now available
  3. Any comment starting with http://, https:// or simply www. will create an auto-link in the commit report.
  4. A few patches applied
  5. Eclipse cleanUp and new web site with the usual suspects of QA tools (and QALab of course!)

Well, what are you waiting for? If you use CVS, have a look!



Monday, 24 March 2008

ObjectLabKit 1.1.0 released - Date Calculators for Business and Finance

We are pleased to announce the ObjectLab Kit 1.1.0 release!

Changes in this version include:

New Features:

  • Changed JODA dependency to 1.5
  • Feature Requests item #1832345, make the Tenor Serializable Fixes 1832345. Thanks to Kieron Wilkinson.
  • Added 2 methods on factory to check if a calendar is registered.
  • Added method calculateTenorDates with/without a spot lag to enable calculation of a series of Tenor dates without changing the current business date in the calculator.
  • Added method moveByTenor without a spot lag to allow tenor calculation based on the CURRENT date and not the spot lag.
  • Valid Range via HolidayCalendar. HolidayCalendar should replace the simple Set of dates for holidays. A HolidayCalendar MAY contain an early and late boundary, if the calculation break a boundary, an exception is thrown, if there are no boundaries no exception would be thrown. This would ensure that calculations are not going outside the valid set of holidays. Fixes 1575498. Thanks to Paul Hill.
  • Added a standard Tenor 2D. Fixes 1601540. Thanks to Anthony Whitford.
  • Added new handler type ForwardUnlessNegative: a handler that acts like a Forward handler if the increment is positive otherwise acts like a Backward handler.

Fixed bugs:

  • fix NPE issue if the calendar name is null.
  • Deprecated ACT/UST and END/365 Day Count Conventions, which weren't very common. Also added a link to some documentation.
  • The calculation of Spot date should take into account holidays BETWEEN now and spot (aka moveByBusinessDay). Thanks to David Owen.
  • Spelling mistake in the code, sorry for breaking your code with this release. Fixes 1601542. Thanks to Anthony Whitford.

Issues, bugs, and feature requests for ObjectLab Kit
should be submitted to the following issue tracking system:

Have fun!
-The ObjectLab Kit development team