Wednesday, 2 April 2008

StatCVS joining the family!

Hi All,

StatCVS will soon join the family of projects. Jason Kealey (of StatSVN fame) and myself have been added as project admin.

Our first goal will be to revitalize the community, go through the patches that have been suggested and consolidate the features between StatSVN and StatCVS.

We've already put a Beta Site together. The jar is also available statcvs.jar.

Amongst the significant changes are:

  1. The RepoMap and LOCChurn reports have been added to StatCVS.
  2. An XML export (-xml) is now available
  3. Any comment starting with http://, https:// or simply www. will create an auto-link in the commit report.
  4. A few patches applied
  5. Eclipse cleanUp and new web site with the usual suspects of QA tools (and QALab of course!)

Well, what are you waiting for? If you use CVS, have a look!



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